Computer modelling

Note: Regrettably, the Java applet on this page has not been updated to current standard implementations of Java.
The applet can only run by removing the standard high security settings.

While formulating, manipulating and solving small flowgraphs on paper is straightforward and insightful, it's very helpful to have a patient and capable machine assistant to remove the drudgery, avoid mistakes and save on paper.

Click on the link below for a computer application which enables flowgraph modelling from a web browser.
The Java applet may take a few moments to load. Once the blank worksheet has appeared with its grey toolbar you can start by double-clicking in the blank area to create the first node. Doubleclick elsewhere to create a second node and connect them by cntrl-click-drag (Mac) or rightclick-drag (PC).

The Appendix of the book Macroeconomic Models in a Causal Framework provides a brief description of how to use this tool, and this can be downloaded as a pdf file: download Appendix (88Kb).

IS-LM diagraph Note that the graphs you create cannot be saved or copied as manipulatable objects, though you can save them, frozen, as picture files with a screen- or window-capture utility - i.e. in Windows use the PrintScreen or Cntrl-PrintScreen command from the keyboard, or in Mac OSX use the "Grab" application. The picture can then be pasted into another application like a paint program or a word processor. To print out, again use a screen- or window-capture utility.

Open flowgraph modeller.

To avoid losing your work it's best to open it in a new window of your browser.

Acknowledgement: the Java applet was created by Thomas K. Wyatt.